God Will Set Things in Order

“He reduces rulers to nothing and makes the elite of the earth as nothing.”   Isaiah 40:23

Why are we so disturbed by the confusion of our Nation?  
Have we forgotten the power of God and his wisdom that stretches out the expanse of the sky? He does not sit and wring his hands not knowing what to do.  He is the Mighty One who keeps everything in control.  He truly knows what he is doing.  We are the ones who do not know what is happening.  Let us trust the One who has all the wisdom and power to set things in order!

Have we forgotten God hears the prayers of his people?  Instead of walking in fear and confusion, we are to walk in love in everything we do, say, and think - that means our prayers as well.  God expects us to pray for those who rule in foolishness and have unrighteous agendas. Remember, no one is too far gone to be saved and their heart to be changed.  The Word says love never fails and covers a multitude of sin.  No city or nation is too far gone that God cannot save!

Let us do our part and God will surely do his part.  There is also no nation too far gone to be healed!  Though our world seems dark, God can come in glory and set things in order.  God is mighty to save!  Let us do what God desires of his children and let God be God and praise Him for who He is!

Dennis and Sandra Beckman
The Pathway Outreach

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