Come To Me

Have you been caught up in your chores or your job?
Are you just too busy to hear the call of the Lord…? “Come back to Me.”
We don’t necessarily leave the Lord, but our thoughts can be filled with so many other things that we neglect to spend time and nourish the thoughts of the Lord! If we are not careful, too much time may slip by that we have not been nourished by the Word in our much needed personal time with Jesus!

We cannot live on last week’s spiritual time with the Lord and his powerful Word. We need it every day! Without spending time each day in fellowship and prayer with our Lord, we do not have the strength, peace, wisdom and insight we need for that day. We miss out in the steps the Lord prepared for us and the blessings and the leading of the Holy Spirit for that particular day.

Time can become a taskmaster of our day and our thoughts if we allow it. Jesus wants to be the center of our time and our agenda so our day is blessed in every way. He desires to be a part of your day! So listen for your Master’s voice calling you; don’t be so far away that you cannot hear it any more… stay in tune. He waits for you each morning after watching over you all night and is anxious to fellowship with you, share his love, and listen to all you want to share with Him. Jesus never leaves us and He is with us moment to moment. His Presence is a gift we should cherish and honor all through each day. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you realize and be sensitive to the Lord’s Presence throughout each day and give thanks and praise that Jesus loves you so much and wants to share each moment with you of every day! No one loves you like Jesus!

“Lord Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel, says, ‘Come back to Me! By returning and resting in Me you will be saved. In quietness and trust you will be made strong.” Isaiah 30:15

Dennis and Sandy Beckman
The Pathways Outreach

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