God Longs To Be With You!

Can you hear the Lord’s love calling out to you... listen...

“I have swept away your sins like a thick cloud. I have made your guilt to vanish like mist disappearing into thin air. Now come back, come back to me, for I have paid the price for you.” Isaiah 44:22 

His longing to be with us doesn't fade away. Even when we fall or fail in our trials, God doesn’t push us away. He doesn’t give us a guilt trip, or a silent treatment of disapproval. He simply, yet powerfully, gives us what we need to come back to Him. Some might build walls to dull his presence and try going their way, but He is still close to them - clearing a way where there is no way... back to Him. He is our WAY MAKER! Only faith could show Him standing before you, waiting with open arms drawing you back to Him and helping you to remember who you truly are... God’s blessed child! If you have gotten off the path to your loving Father, He is truly waiting for your return. Close your eyes and see Him there right by your
side with outstretched arms wanting to welcome you back. Go ahead... answer his love call to you. God longs for you to share your heart...right now. Then, you might want to share your prayer, or the following prayer:

Father, thank you for never condemning me, or giving up on me, and always reminding me who I am when l forget that I am a child of God. I thank you Father for making the path clear so I know where I belong - even in my weakness - and that I am still, and always will be, loved. But most of all, thank you Father for your mercy. Amen.

Dennis and Sandie Beckman

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