Come Freely

Our Father God, who loves us more than we can comprehend, wants us to be honest, real, open and vulnerable with him. He is well-informed and not surprised of our problems and troubles, or when we get worn out, doubtful or discouraged.

But, in order to get past these drawbacks we must be transparent. We must be willing to be honest about these areas where are faith is struggling. God is not frustrated or disappointed with us; He just wants us to open up to him so his grace can heal us. When we bare our hearts with him, his mercy melts our anxious thoughts and peace floods our souls. When we lost our way in the blackness of doubt, confusion, and anxiety, God desires to rescue us with his love and deliver us from our struggles. He desires and longs for us to feel free to come to him with an honest and open heart. God wants to get our focus back on what we know to be the truth.

"...He never gets weary or worn out. His intelligence is unlimited; he is never puzzled over what to do!" 
Isaiah 40:28

Those who wait for Yahweh's grace will experience divine strength.

Father, may your grace and mercy help me to see clearly and to remember what you taught me. Crack the dark shell of doubt and expand my heart. Help me to know and remember I can always come freely when I struggle with doubt and anxiety. For in your presence there is peace, healing, and abundant love and grace. In your presence, I see you clearly.

Sandra and Dennis Beckman
Founders of The Pathways Outreach

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