Facing Fear of the Unknown

Extreme fear of the unknown can cripple a person. Unfortunately, death is one of the unknown facts for everyone, even Christians. Even though they know they are going to heaven, some Christians still fear the unknown. People wonder what they will see on the other side. Some worry about the people left behind - if they will be able to adjust. While some wonder how God will take them. Then, there are those who fear they will be taken before they get a chance to be married, or the chance to experience what they've always dreamed of doing! There are many unanswered questions that can be frustrating.

But death is not something Christians need to fear! For them, death is not the end of the story. It is a gateway to a place of indescribable joy and beauty. If it was not so Jesus would not have said it was! It’s the beginning of a new life, a life with Jesus! When you are in the Presence of Jesus, you are in peace, joy and love. Fear is something that is a learned emotion. We are not born with this emotion; children are not afraid of death because they don’t understand it. But, as they grow and see the response of adults, the media to death, they learn it must be something awful and to be avoided.

After we become Christians, we need to go through a relearning process about death. Paul quotes, “For to me, living is for Christ, and dying is even better” (Phil. 1:21). Paul learned that death would actually put an end to the struggles he faced on the earth. He looked forward to the day when he could see Christ face-to-face. But in the meantime he had work to do - winning souls to Christ! Life was not a chore… but a privilege! Fear of dying doesn’t disappear instantly, but as you spend time in the Bible, fellowshipping with Jesus and other Christians you will grow to realize that death is only another door you walk through into eternity - which will be far better than your wildest dreams!

Sandy and Dennis Beckman
The Pathways Outreach

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