You Are The Father's Masterpiece

“Yet still, you are our Father. We are like clay and you are our Potter. Each one of us is the creative, artistic work of your hands.” Isaiah 64:8

Every intricate detail about you has been carefully planned. You are the Father’s desire!

You are unique, significant and rare!
You are his beautiful design.
You are his most exquisite work of art.
You must believe what God says about you!
God does not lie and cannot lie, for it is not in his nature.
God says you are flawless, beautiful, and sublime.
You’re the apple of his eye, his treasure, and his bride.
You are wise, favored, and successful.
You are the fragrance of Christ, complete in Him.
You are the outpouring of the Father’s love and you are His!

If you have not seen yourself as the Father sees you, you are denying his creative work and the
Father’s desire of you. You now need to accept his Words and be defined by what He has claimed about you. Then, you will have the hope and confidence you need. For the power of truth is like a breath of fresh air. Confess daily what God has said about you until it becomes a reality to you.

You might not understand it, just choose to believe it!

Dennis & Sandy Beckman 
The Pathway Outreach

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